220SMA Repeater Directory Update

This form is intended for use by Trustees and Trustee/Owners of coordinated repeaters operating on the 222 MHz Band in Southern California.

The ARRL publishes a Repeater Directory each year in both printed and CD format. Information for the listings in the Repeater Directory is obtained by the ARRL from the Recognized Coordination Entity for each region. The 220SMA provides the listings for the 222 MHz Band in Southern California.

Some of the information published by the ARRL pertains to characteristics beyond those the 220SMA requests when an applicant applies for coordination. This form has been developed so Trustees of repeaters coordinated by the 220SMA may supply data on these characteristics in order that they may be included in the Repeater Directory submittal.

This form MAY NOT be used to request or obtain a change in coordination status or to report an operational change to a coordinated repeater. Changes of this nature require the completion and submittal of the standard Request for Coordination (RFC) Form. An electronic version of the RFC is available on the Forms Page of the main Website.

If your entry in the 2015-2016 ARRL Repeater Directory is correct, there is no need to proceed any further and you may return to the 220SMA Website. If you would like to submit new information, or the information shown in the Repeater Directory needs to be changed, then I recommend you complete the following form and submit it for consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: Effective with the 2016-2017 ARRL Repeater Directory, the ARRL will no longer list Repeaters coordinated as CLOSED or PRIVATE. This also applies to their electronic repeater data products. The 220SMA has no control over this change. Trustees of CLOSED or PRIVATE repeaters may submit supplemental data on this form and it will be added to the 220SMA coordination records, but it will no appear in the Repeater Directory.

There are three sections below:
- The Identification Data Section is to help identify you and your repeater. Although some of the data requested in this section appears in the Repeater Directory, this is not the source and changes need to be submitted on an RFC.
- The Characteristic Data Section contains questions about elements listed in the Repeater Directory.
- The Comments Section provides you a place to provide other information you wish to supply, and collects some feedback on what you think of this form as a way of submitting Repeater Directory information.

Jim Fortney, K6IYK
Secretary, 220SMA Coordination Board

* Required Information Items
  Version 3.6 Identification Data
* Repeater Callsign:
* Output Frequency MHz
* Repeater Location
* Your Callsign:
* Last Name:
* First Name:
  Middle Initial:
* eMail Address:
  Mailing Address:
  Zip Code:
  Telephone Numbers: Home:
Work: Ext:
* Your Position/ Capacity Trustee/Owner
Technical Contact
  Are you a member of the 220SMA?
    Characteristic Data
  Sponsor: Not required - Can be acronym of Club or Group
  Is any language other than English regularly used on the repeater? Yes, Language =
  Does the repeater support LITZ? Yes
  Does the repeater transmit CTCSS? Yes Hz
  Does the repeater respond to a public DCS code? Yes, Code=
  Does the repeater respond to a DTMF code? Yes, Code=
  Does the repeater have a Remote Base feature? Yes
  If the repeater has an Autopatch, please indicate: Closed to non-members
Open, DTMF Access =
  Is the repeater capable of operating on emergency power? Yes
  Is the repeater capable of operating on solar power? Yes
  Is the repeater capable of operating on wind power? Yes
  Is the repeater part of a linked system? Yes, System =
  Is the repeater RACES affiliated? Yes
  Is the repeater ARES affiliated? Yes
  Do you consider this a wide-area coverage system? Yes
  Does the repeater provide direct access to Law Enforcement?: Yes, DTMF Access =
  Does the repeater support a weather net or provide direct access to weather information?: Yes, Access =
  The ARRL Travel Directory CD provides repeater location information on a map. What do you want to supply? Vague Location Data
General City/Town/Site Coordinates
Exact Location. My coordinates in decimal Degrees are:
   Latitude Deg.
   Longitude Deg
  How do you rate this technique for collecting data of this type? Excellent
No Opinion
  Please provide any
additional comments
you may have here.:
  Do you want feedback regarding acceptance of the data you have submitted? Yes
    Thank you for providing your data and helping make the Repeater Directory data more meaningful.

If you are not currently a member of the 220SMA, please consider joining. We look forward to your participation.